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Visa Package
Bring your family & friends through SATA with easy documentation and at affordable prices. Tourist visa for one month further extendable for one more month and visit visa for 3 months are available.


 No Deposit for families  Fast Assurance of Visa
Easy Documentation  Deposit AED 500(Refundable) 
Special assistance given on arrival & departure for visitors such as accompanying them for eye scan and clearing emigration formalities


* Before applying for visa kindly check for the restricted nationality, age and gender at 06-5164444.

* Once the application form is filled, the guarantor can visit any of SATA outlets with the printout

   for the payment after which the processing of visa starts.








Tourist Visa Valid for 30 Days

Visa Fee : AED 245 +  Medical Insurance 
Visa Fee : AED 333  

Security Deposit : AED 500(Refundable)

Ticket Advance : AED 400

Security Deposit : AED 1,000 ( Refundable )

Ticket Advance : AED 400

Visa Form

Long Term Visa Valid for 90 Days

Visa Fee for male: AED 1,275  

Security Deposit : AED 500 (Refundable)

Ticket Advance : AED 400

( Only for Male Friends & Relatives )

Visa Form

14 Days Service Visa

Visa Fee : AED 460
Security Deposit : AED 500 (Refundable)

Ticket Advance : AED 400

Visa Form

96 Hours Transit Visa

Visa Fee : AED 250 per person

Visa Form

Required Documents

•  Clear passport copy of guarantor employed in UAE with visa page (2sets),    with a minimum 6 months validity of passport and visa.

•  Clear passport copy of the visitor (2 sets), with a minimum validity of 6 months.

•  3 passport size clear color photo of visitor with white background.

Required Documents for 96 Hours Transit Visa

•  Clear copy of passport, front and back page.

•  Clear color photo.

•  Ticket copy only for transit passengers travelling via
   Sharjah in Air Arabia.

•  Flight detail (GCC to GCC is not allowed) the return ticket must not be same as the origin. (Origin and destination should be 2 different countries)

•  Processing time will be 3 to 4 days, and the validity of the visa is
   14 days after visa issuance.

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